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Heli-Skiing Adventures

Heli-skiing was invented back in 1965 right here in British Columbia and has been a bucket list staple for every discerning powder skier on the planet ever since. We work with only the most authentic and passionate heli-ski operators to make sure you have the ski trip of a lifetime. From one day excursions, through to week long trips from the back of your yacht and everything in between, we are here to help you find your perfect match.

There are so many companies to choose from, which is why we have tested and researched as many of them as physically possible (it’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it!) to provide you with genuine and unbiased advice on who to fly with, whether you are a first time heli-skier, or a seasoned veteran looking for something even more out-of-the-ordinary from your heli-ski trip.

Heli-Skiing FAQs

Heli-skiing is certainly not cheap, but there are ways to offset your costs by having flexible dates (between December and February are a little cheaper in BC for example). Typically, a day's heli-skiing will start at around USD$950 per day, and increases from there.

We are more than happy to discuss various options to suit your budget and objectives.

Generally, multi-day heli-skiing trips give you more bang for your buck, as they are fully catered (typically with incredible food) and allow you to ski more runs than your typical 1day heli-ski trip.

Whilst heli-skiing does incur some significant costs, it really is the most incredible experience, which we think every skier should get to try at least once in their life.

Whilst heli-skiing isn't suitable for beginner skiers, if you are an advanced intermediate skier or higher, who can ski blue runs with complete confidence and is not phased by skiing most black runs (or red runs in Europe) then you will be just fine.

Most important is your fitness level. You do not need to be an Olympic athlete at all, however a good level of general fitness and strength makes the experience so much more enjoyable - you don't want to be sitting on the sidelines with your friends skiing fresh powder because you didn't do your squats!

If you're still in doubt, give us an email or a call and we will be happy to make a better assessment for you.

Are you an advanced or expert skier, worried that you'll be tagging along with a beginner group. No need to worry - we have more options for terrain and guiding experience than you can shake a stick at!

Even if you're a professional freerider, we have some incredible options and locations for you to go and ski 50 degree couloirs and huck 30 foot cliffs.

Many heli-skiing operators offer different options with regards to total time spent in the helicopter. Whilst "unlimited vertical" may sound appealing, it can mean that you end up skiing the same runs over and over to save fuel and diminishing your overall experience. Conversely, limited time may leave you feeling time pressured and unable to get in as many runs as you were hoping for.

Different packages work better for different people, depending on what you are looking to get out of your trip - this is where we come in. We offer all bookings at the same price as operator direct bookings, and will be happy to give you options for the trip that will work out best for you.

Yes, absolutely. Many groups of odd numbers book together, leaving spare spots in the heli and we have a live availability of many different heli-ski companies and ability levels/group dynamics to find you the perfect trip as an additional member.

The Mabey Ski team and our guests have made friends and ski partners for life this way!

Yes. Most our partners offer private trips, so you can have your own heli and ski whatever terrain you would like. Groups of (multiples of) 4 are perfect and can usually guarantee you your own private group.

We also offer several completely private lodges, and even a private yacht heli-skiing adventure as well - these book out a long time in advance, so be sure to reach out to us as soon as you can if you would like to organize this.

We usually suggest booking at least 1 year ahead of time, to guarantee you will be able to ski when and where you would like to. If you can give more notice, even better.

Having said that, last minute spots do pop up, so please let us know what works for you and we will try our very best to make it happen for you - we have even sent guests out the same week that they booked.

More advanced notice allows you to put down a deposit and then pay the rest in manageable installments if you would prefer to spread out the cost.

No, your guides are all incredibly well trained professionals, which means they will be able to guide you safely around the mountains.

You will still receive some basic training on-site, and will be given all of the avalanche rescue equipment like transceiver, shovel and probe and backcountry or ABS backpack.

Usually, no, but it does depend on your circumstances. We act as an advocate on your behalf, and will always push for a deposit or payment to be carried forward to a future trip, or fully refunded. Each operator has different policies and guest's reasons for cancelling are different, so please reach out to us directly if you have any specific concerns and we will be happy to put your mind at ease.

Reach out out to us on the link below and let us know what you are looking for and we will do the rest.

Whilst we showcase our Arctic and yacht-based heli-skiing trips as our "showstoppers" we are experts in booking single and multi-day heli-skiing trips all over the world Canada and New Zealand.

We know the choice can be overwhelming, so contact us for impartial and expert first-hand advice. We offer trips at the same rates as you would receive from the operators directly, so let's get you heli-skiing!

Looking To Go Heli-Skiing?


Whilst these are some of our truly out-of-this-world heli-skiing adventures, we do book 1-10 day heli-skiing trips throughout British Columbia, Yukon and internationally as well. If you are interested in heli-skiing, get in touch and we will give you the unbiased and first-hand advice you need, at the same price as the heli-ski operators, to plan your perfect trip.

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