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Ski Touring and Splitboarding Adventures

Ski touring as a sport has grown exponentially in the past 10 years as more people discover the raw beauty and untouched powder slopes of the backcountry. Mabey Ski has ski toured around the world to discover the best and most beautiful backcountry ski touring locations, from the volcanoes of Hokkaido, Japan to the legendary Coast Mountain of British Columbia, Canada.

Mabey Ski touring with local guiding legend Guillaume Otis on the Spearhead glacier in Whistler, BC

We work exclusively with local guides, who live and breathe their local mountains every day. This local knowledge creates a deeper connection with the mountains as well as a safer and more genuine experience in the backcountry. We create ski touring experiences for first timers looking to get into the backcountry, through to multi-day expeditions for experienced ski mountaineers. If you have an idea, we will use our extensive network to make it happen.


Some people wait a lifetime for adventures like these.
Some people don’t…