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Experience Title and Location here

One sentence tag-line

Punchy tagline for experience
Private/semi-private, suitable for how many guests?
Where is it located/unique characteristic of location
Unique ski related characteristic to experience
When does the experience run? Month-Month
From $*** per person per day (CAD if in Canada, USD outside)

One / two line tag line about the trip, or aimed towards exciting the guest


2 or 3 sentences stating what the core experience covers. Any unique or interesting points on the experience.


2-3 short sentences Describe location of experience and possibly where you must get to to take part, e.g. Vancouver airport to go heli-ski at Bella Coola.


2-3 sentences. What level of skier? Looking for adventurous/relaxing/unique/cultural? Groups/couples/corporate?


2 sentences. How long the experience lasts, and when it is open for bookings. What are the best weeks/months to go?




2 paragraphs, describe the start of the day, along with a picture relevant to paragraph (the lodge, a ski picture, or breakfast time/early morning shot). Image on the right.

Another 2 short paragraphs, typically describing the ski portion of the day. Powder action shot or scenic ski shot here. Image on the left.

Paragraph or two and an image of relaxing or after-ski activity. E.g. relaxing in the lodge, hot tub, dinner shot.


Overall pricing per group if applicable, and per person pricing. In CAD for Canadian experience, otherwise in USD. Add %age tax rate applicable to guest on top.

Included for this price:


  • Include anything included in this base price
  • Equipment rental and transportation
  • Staff and services (E.g. guides, chefs, instructors, lodge staff)
  • Hours/vertical feet for heli or cat access
  • Number of skiing days

Add-ons available

  • Any and all additional up sells (without pricing on this page).