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We Will Travel Again

Hi, how you doing? Been up to much? Stupid question. We are all in the same boat and this boat is not what we were expecting. At all.

It wasn’t that long ago ‘before the world changed’. A couple of weeks back, you might have been gracing the slopes of your favourite mountain… or maybe you didn’t even get there as your travel plans were cancelled last minute. We feel your pain.

But, as we are all experiencing, our priorities have now changed during this time of unprecedented change and uncertainty about our future, we are being called upon to work together toward the greater good. Never before has there been a time in history when our individual actions can have such an immediate and positive impact on the health of our communities and the global population.

This is our chance to fully realise the greatness of what we can achieve when we come together as a civilisation to fight this seemingly invisible enemy. It’s a time to ‘adventure within’; stay home and keep yourselves, your family and your community safe. In many ways, life may never be the same again after COVID-19, but this could also be our opportunity to evolve as a society.

With all our gratitude, we would like to recognise those families who have lost loved ones and the medical professionals around the world, fighting the good fight on the front lines to keep people alive. No one will go unaffected as this crisis plays out, but these people are the real heroes of the war against COVID-19.

With the media in a frenzy, we must remember that fear resonates louder than hope, so it’s important to surround yourself with positive messages during this time of isolation. Avoid fear-driven conversations and focus on all the opportunities for personal growth. Reminisce over the good times and the ski trips in the past and never stop dreaming, because one day, we will travel again. It’s important to always have something to look forward to, and even more so now.

As a travel operator, we are in no way positioned to comment on when or how COVID-19 will end, but we have every faith that it will end eventually. As the Southern Hemisphere winter draws near, we are monitoring the likelihood of the snowsports season taking off and will be updating you on any developments via our social media channels. As a boutique travel specialist, we have built our company based on the virtues of providing bespoke customer service to create unforgettable immersive ski travel experiences. Through the length of this crisis, we will continue to offer our inside knowledge and expertise where needed.

If you do have travel planned for the future, rest assured we are here to help. As countries begin to allow visitors again and airlines resume their services, we will have our ear close to the ground and be on top of any developments happening in the sphere of travel so we can best support you.

We are all in this together, so let’s help each other to stay safe, stay sane and make the best of this challenging situation.